Our History

In May 1976, a local church was in need of a new Pastor. The
group voted in a Pastor, who upon his first Sunday, started his
first sermon by running and jumping on the front pew. He
then beat his fists on his chest and waving his arms in the air
screamed, “This is my church and you will do what I
say….Women are not allowed to wear pants to church.” He
lamented on a few other issues as well. The second Sunday
evening service, the pianist who was not there for the new
Pastor’s first Sunday and did not hear the proclamation, had
worn pants. As the evening service began, the Pastor ran from
the pulpit at her with his finger pointed in her face and yelled,
“How dare you defy me!!” He drew his arm back as if to hit her,
when a deacon stood up and said, “Now Pastor, she wasn’t here
last Sunday.” The Preacher then accosted the deacon with, “You
are defrocked! You do not speak back to me.” It was then that a
small group of Gadara church goers walked out and did not go
The small group was invited to meet at the pianist’s house since
it was the biggest of the families’ houses. The meetings went on
for a few weeks but were starting to grow already too big. Bobby
and Emma Baldree had a building on their property that was
used to store feed. They offered to convert it to a makeshift
church. As told by Emma Baldree, “The fellowship was so sweet
with the folks and everybody would pitch in and make it all
happen. We were just growing so fast. We had Sunday School
in all the rooms of my house. Some met under the shade tree
outside and the older folks met in the ‘church’ itself. My son,
Ralph even built a pulpit.” At the end of 1976, the group approached Mr. Reinhold from Green Cove Springs that owned a
piece of property in Keystone Heights. A small committee had
sought the advice of the Pastor of Middleburg First Baptist on
how to start a church. He helped them and donated old hymnals
as well as folding chairs. They came up with the name “Lake
Hill” because of all the lakes in Keystone and the piece of land
they had wanted was on a hill near a lake. The group was sold
the current property on CR 214 on January 27th, 1977.
A few weeks later, Dean Jackson was eating lunch in town and
heard a conversation about a brick building needing to be
moved. He walked over and discussed with the LaRue Movers
about the building, which was previously a chinchilla house. It
was a Wednesday and that night he brought the idea before the
church. By that following Sunday not only had the land been
cleared, the septic installed, the plumbing hooked-up, but the
church held its first church service on their property in their new
church building.
Since that time, Lake Hill Baptist Church has had times of
growth and some times of struggles. As we stand on the
shoulders of so many who helped to bring us to this point, we are
again entering a time of spirit and unity that seems to capture
the spirit of that first group so many years ago. May the good
Lord help up to keep serving Him with real love for one another.

About Church

Lake Hill Baptist Church
5165 CR 214 ∙ Keystone Heights, FL 32656

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 602 ∙ Keystone Heights, FL 32656

Phone : (352) 473-4191
Email : Office@LakeHill.Church

Service Meeting

Sunday School: 9:45 am
Morning Worship: 11:00 am
Evening Service: 6:00 pm

Bible Study: 7:00 pm

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