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As a Christian, we say we want God’s will for our life. In our heart, we may truly believe this, but in our mind, there is always the question of timing. We tend not to acknowledge this in an outright manner and we always act surprised when God calls us to action for Him. I am no exception.

Sitting in my cockpit (flying is one of my hobbies), my snug little world, and thinking I was pleasing God, is when God said to me “I am not asking you again.” I was a volunteer youth leader at a church and I had my dream job which allowed me to fly 5 days a week and be home every night and weekends. Great job, great pay and a growing youth group – I was set! Or at least, that’s what I thought. God had other plans. I gave my notice, moved to Virginia for seminary, came back to Jacksonville and started a church. Five years later, I met my wife-to-be on a cruise, got married, and started having kids. I became very ill with no medical path forward to ever becoming well again. Being too sick to work, I was forced to step down from ministry. Things looked very bleak. It was difficult to understand exactly what God was doing and where He would take me. After three years, God chose to miraculously heal me. Although, I thought I was ready to step back into ministry, God knew I wasn’t. Through counsel of godly friends who advised me to wait until my wife was also ready, the Lord kept me from going back into ministry too quickly.

The Lord opened doors for us to travel throughout the United States providing training for technical ministries to churches. In 2012, after 12 years on the road, we stopped traveling and purchased a lake house here in Keystone Heights, FL. Yoli (my wife) shared with me that if the Lord opened the door, she was ready for me to step back into ministry. We had no idea it would be right here in Keystone Heights with such an incredible and loving family at Lake Hill. We are so blessed to be in a group of believers that truly loves the Lord and loves us. Not only have they encouraged and supported us in our Christian walk, but have helped me personally to deepen my relationship with our Lord. May I lead you as God sees fit and may we grow together that grace may abound in His fullness, lifting up the name of Jesus and loving others as He did.

Love Jesus, Love Others & Pass It On,
Bruce Lee

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Lake Hill Baptist Church
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